Who we are

According to Matthew 25
We are the Whosoever will go to whosoever is the Least of the Kingdom. Through Faith and other non profits we go in the Name of Christ to Feed the Hungry, cloth the naked, house the homeless and Provide 1 on 1 discipleship and group meetings in order to give a hand up not a hand out

A multi functioning Ministry designed to help others in recovery while we fullfill the Great commission to go forth and make disciples of all nations. FREED stands for:

Fellowship in recovery

Reconcilliation to GOD and His Family

Education about Chemicals and Addiction

Edification Through Faith in CHRIST

Dedicated service to others

This dedicated service is spring forth many Helps ministries such as a food pantry, a safe house for those in recovery , and personal one on one counseling in the area of compulsive behaviors.

FREED Ministries

1 st day of the food pantry

Every donation goes to help feed the needy in our area.
 To find out more on the problems facing our nation check out our news page!

FREED Ministries